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01. About Baleno's success story

There may be many companies working in the field of optics.. but with Baleno

There may be many companies working in the field of optics.. but with Baleno it is different.. Baleno has evolved and remained at the forefront of technical innovation and medical excellence.
 Baleno Opticals is a company specialized in the field of optics, head quartered in the United Arab Emirates and has successful partners and authorized distributors in most Arab countries.
 The Baleno Foundation is based on one goal, which is customer satisfaction.. Since its establishment in 2009 until now, thanks to God Almighty, it works on the principle of providing the best eye care, and this principle has remained the basis of all their work over the years of work at your service.

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified technicians and sellers working on the highest standards.. Our continuous endeavor over the years has been to take care of you and your eyes.. You will discover that when you delve into our story and our standards..
 Glasses and lenses have become a part of society and not just a decent appearance for a person.. We have also cooperated with many success partners to reach you wherever you are and with the best materials..

by Baleno Founders

02.Why Baleno is special

 1- Because we have the highest materials in the Arab market for the manufacture of glasses
 2- Because we have professional designers who create 24 hours a day
 3- Because you will find your request no matter what we have
 4- High-quality materials that do not cause allergies
 5- We are distinguished by making glasses from “TR” material known for its flexibility and resistance to breakage and “acetate”, which is one of the highest plastic and metal materials that maintain their color for a long time

6- Our biggest advantage is that you can exchange your glasses from any authorized distributor in any country..regardless of the country from which you purchased the glasses..as long as you keep the purchase receipt.
 7- We have a warranty against manufacturing defects
 8- The best and fastest service, the largest and the latest models available under one roof
 9- It is one of the companies that work on the principle of “customer first”. If
there is any shortcoming, do not hesitate to tell us immediately.
 10- The company can provide you with any medical lens of any size
 11- Baleno deals with the strongest group of distributors in the Arab world and is constantly looking for new talents to streng then the team..with delivery service to anywhere

by Baleno Founders

03.Why are Baleno prices different ?

 • Because the price of the glasses will not cost you much

 • A price that fits your capabilities
 • Baleno avoids unnecessary fees
 • Continuous discounts when you buy from the site

 • Baleno, the lowest price in the market..and the highest quality
back if the product does not come to you with the same specifications
we mentioned
 The authorized distributor for your region will appear below. You can also contact the agent in your region via the live chat icon at the bottom right of the page, and the conversation will be automatically transferred according to your region.

Baleno is one of the interfaces that operates the trusted enterprise system in its details.. it maintains international conventions in buying and selling.. and electronic commerce.. and it has a chain of agents throughout the Arab world.. our trusted distributors are:
 Bahjat Al Oyoun Optical Est.. It is a Saudi institution specialized in selling high quality optical products
 Quality and licensed by the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Authority. It has 6 branches in Riyadh. It also works in the field of wholesale sales throughout the Kingdom.
In addition, Baleno glasses meet the needs of local markets with commercial
offices all over the country. 
 Distributor in Jordan.. Optical House
  Distributor in Tunisia.. Al-Anbahar Trading Company
 Distributor in Amman.. Dream Optics
 Distributor in the Arab Republic of Egypt.. Al Shabrawy Trading Company