common questions

how to pay?

  1. Pay cash on delivery.
  2. Mada Card
  3. Visa or Master Card

4- Paypal

Can I exchange or return the product?

At Baleno Group Tayeb, we keep our promises and satisfy you our main goal.

Within 5 days of receiving the order, it is allowed to replace or return the product, provided that it is in its original packaging and in good condition.

To return the products, please contact us via WhatsApp, phone number or email at the bottom of the page.

Does Baleno Group store guarantee that its products are 100% authentic ??

You can simply browse the store. Choose the products that you want to buy by clicking on the product and choosing the required color and the required quantity, then clicking “Add to Cart”.

Why should I activate my mobile number?

The activation of the phone number is very necessary to maintain your account and to also be used to contact you before submitting the order to determine the delivery date and to ensure that you are the same person who requested it.

How can I create a new account?

Click on the “Sign In” icon in the top left of the page.

Please fill out all fields under the heading “Create a new account”.

Then click on “Create New Account”.

Congratulations! You have your own account with us and start shopping now!

How can I recover my password?

If you are a registered user and have forgotten the password, press “Forgot Password”, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset the password again. In the event of any technical difficulties, please contact us via WhatsApp, phone number or email on the Contact Us page.

How can I update my account?

After logging in, you can access your account by clicking the My Account link at the bottom of the page. After accessing your account, you can go to the Account Control Panel to update your data.

I want to change my delivery address, what should I do?

You can change or add new delivery addresses during the payment process. However, if you have already registered your request, we will not be able to change your address. Please note that it is not acceptable to change the receiving address to an address outside the country in which the purchase is made and shipping only locally.